Hi, My Name is Lara Kudayisi and I am the Matchmaking Mistress.

I specialize in Matchmaking, Relationship Coaching and Therapy.

I am doing this because I had a child at 19, 14 heartbreaks and 15 Abortions before I got married. I have surfed through uncertainties, loneliness and lots of Emotional Baggage before I become whole again.

So this is why I am very particular about you being a Emotionally Whole, Passionately Fulfilled and living Happily Ever After in this world of chaos.

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I have been wondering why I have been attracting the wrong set of people in my life. All my relationships ends with heartbreaks and the guys disrespecting me. I give my all and love them whole heartedly but they usually repay me with cheating or duping me. Thank God I took Lara up on her PAY WHAT YOU WANT Skype Call last month. Speaking with her for 1 hour, I understood where I went wrong.  I got answers to all my questions and that call left me with a sense of correction and Direction in my love life. Now I have learnt what to change so that I can attract men who truly respect and value me. Thanks Lara for making me smile again.


Wow lara is something else. At this point of my life I'm just working on a couple of things. And during my time with Stephanie obi I met Lara and she was introduced but I finally had a session with her. It was worth my time and money. She enlightened me a lot. I got to understand all the whys. Thanks Lara. I would surely see you again and again.


I thought I was ready and matured enough for Marriage since I have crossed 30 almost a decade ago. I was really tired of waiting and I was beginning to jettison the idea of Marriage. I decided to take Lara up on this HELP MY HEART Call the other day and oh boy, I understood why the guys haven't been showing up. She took me through a mental shift and in one hour I totally knew that my old ways would only make me bitter and single forever. Thank you so much Lara for this Liberation. Of course I am going to walk this journey with you by my side.

- Abiodun