• Certified Results Coach
  • Performance Consultant
  • A Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Certified in Neurological Re-Patterning e.t.c
  • Family Systems Engineering
  • Certification in Emotional Intelligence and
  • Core Behavioural Therapy

My Name is Lara Kudayisi-Emeralds.  I am the "Matchmaking Mistress".  I help singles attract their dream partners and walk down the isle in the shortest time possible.

As a young lady who have read so many Mills & Boons and watched so many romantic movies, I had my "Happily Ever After" sorted out in my mind.  I fantasized and kept waiting for my knight in shining armor with a magic wand hoping he'll take me to paradise and we would of course live "Happily Ever After".

Well, It never happened like I expected it. Getting pregnant and having a child at 19 changed the whole game.  My world was definitely shattered. However, I still pressed forward in hope. After all, glitches happen in my novels and yet the tall, handsome guy with scruffy hair and strong hands always shows up to rescue the princess.

Fourteen heartbreaks and fifteen abortions after, no one taught me to drop my novels, adjust my screening glasses and look inward. It wasn't as romantic as I had always dreamt about. My reality was totally different from my dreams, fantasies and imaginations.

After what seemed like eternity and my topsy turvies, I finally got my prince when I learnt what to do right. I finally knew what to look for in a spouse. I discovered what to do to get my actual true love, I even discovered what to change in me to help me achieve my marriage goal. Now I am happily married with two children.

Now, I want to help you attract your dream partner and walk down the aisle in the shortest time possible.  Enough of heartbreaks, wrong relationships, loneliness and constant unhappiness.

Let me take your hand and walk you to your "Happily Ever After"

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  • q-iconWhat kind of business does Lara Kudayisi-Emeralds run?

    Basically Lara is a matchmaking and relationship expert who draws out of her wealth of experience in relationships to run the Achieve Your Marriage Goal program. The only goal of this program is to connect singles, help nurture their relationships and give their stories a “Happily Ever After” ending.

  • q-iconWho is the Achieve Your Marriage Plan for?

    This program is strictly for people (male or female) who have reached the stage at which they are ready to find the right partner, settle down and build a successful home. Minimum age requirement is 25 years.

  • q-iconHow It Works

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