To get attention and make money... build a compelling brand.

Everyone entrepreneur who wants to get attention and and make money needs to build a compelling brand that can achieve this goal.

Your brand is the greatest asset or foundation that you can build your business on.  When you build a Formidable brand, you can switch business and industries without a hitch and you still smile consistently to the bank.

The Brand Architecture is where your brand would be conceived and designed from scratch to launch.  

12 Weeks of bringing YOUR BRAND TO LIVE
50% Complete

In this Program, you would learn how to:

  • Define your Niche
  • Build Followership/Community
  • Create Content
  • Get your Followers to become Buyers
  • Build a Unique Brand
  • Acquire Selling Skills

To achieve all of these, you would

  •  Get a Video Message once in 2 Weeks
  • Have One Coaching Call once in 2 Weeks
  •  Get Weekly Assignments Bi-Weekly
  • Have a 2 hour Lunch Session with me once a month.

During these 12 Weeks you would have been successfully handed a blueprint of your compelling Brand.

After the class you are entitled to a free 12 Weeks of mentoring and Guidance on bringing YOUR brand to life.

All these costs 

Please pay into

Kudayisi Omolara 0009193661
and call 08060655460 for details

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