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self Mastery Plan

Have You;

  • Been Heartbroken so many times and you can't just seem to find a decent guy or girl to make you happy?
  • Discovered that the people you have been dating have a pattern in common and they have all caused you more pain than harm?
  • Found out that you are generally unhappy with your life and results?
  • known that you are tired of your current state of little productivity and meager income?
  • Tired of Men just using you and having a good time with you, yet they never take you to the Altar?
  • Tired of being alone for so long and nobody seems to be interested in you deeply like you hope they would?
  • Fed up with attracting girls who are Vain, Shallow and not Trustworthy?
  • Not being able to find someone who gets you because everyone else around you seem never to understand who you are and what you want?

I feel your pain deeply because I have been there, done that, wore that shirt and moved on before I finally got delivered from this stage of frustration in my life.

I Had a child at 19, had 14 heartbreaks and 15 abortions, so you have an idea of how messed up I was.  There were times I gave up but the hope and need for a Happily Ever After kept me going until I found out what was wrong. I made these shocking discoveries:

  • I was oblivious of WHO I AM. I focused more on trying to improve my weaknesses for a better man.  I totally ignored promoting my strengths.
  •  I wasn't in tune with my deep seated values. I didnt even know the most important things in life to me in the order of their importance so I didn't know that I was supposed to look for them in a man.


  •  I didn't know my Representational System. I am Kinesthetic (Feeling), I am moved by my feelings a lot.  That was why I kept falling into the wrong hands.
  •  I had not dealt with my insecurities from childhood that kept drawing me to then wrong set of people.


  •  I felt incomplete and a failure by being a single mother. I needed to be with a man to prove that I was successful.
  •  Because I am Kinesthetic, I equated sex and romance to mean love. I didn't know how to protect me from people that took advantage.
  •  I equated material things to mean Wealth. I was vain and shallow minded.

The Knowledge of Self Mastery delivered me and gave me my freedom and now I am a deeper babe, who is doing great stuff helping Humanity live Happily Ever After.

I am married to the kindest man on earth and we have two awesome kids.  I am doing a job I Love most and I am making money from it.

I couldn't have asked for a better life because I am truly living Happily Ever After.

This is what I want to help you achieve in my 3 month SELF MASTERY COACHING.

You will:

  • Know yourself more and be able to answer that deep question : WHO ARE YOU?
  • Discover your Representational System and how best to use it to learning, making money and every day usage.
  • Deal with your childhood issues that you have long buried but is responsible for the bad things you are experiencing now.
  • Learn how to Love yourself more and project your strengths more to people.
  • Become the best version of yourself that would attract the best partner you have always dreamt of.
  • )Define your goals and how to bring them to life. You would smash your goals because you would set goals with the knowledge of how to achieve them.
  • know what you want in life and know how to Detect and Eliminate time wasters on your path.
  • How to get your dream partner and live Happily Ever After. and so much more.
  • Just in case you are wondering How does a Matchmaking Mistress know about all of these;

    I am a certified Results Coach, Performance Consultant and a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and I also hold a Certificate in Neurological Re-Patterning to mention a few.

To be a part of this course, your token investment is:

N100,000 (lumpsome)
N35,000 (Monthly)
  • Please Pay Into

    Bank: GTB


    Account Number: 0150851050

    and SMS  (Your Name, Number and Email ) to 07081573601.

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